La Domilonga Tango Performance Dance Contest

The Domilonga Tango Performance Competition, started in 2016, is an event which aims to integrate skills, aesthetic styles and all forms of artistic expressions, disseminating them and helping to make them sustainable through the incorporation of tango, the most recognized national dance in the world, thus providing space for the proliferation of new artistic pursuits and creations. Now in its third edition, the competition spans and entire month, the first three weeks of which the pieces are performed and subject to a public vote. At the end of the presentation stage, the couples or groups receiving the highest popular votes advance to the final round, where a panel of judges determines the top three places. (The panel is composed of judges with highly regarded international career paths.)

To register, the participants must complete the form attached to this page with their information and send a demo video of their performance. Time limit August 19, 2018.

Registration form